[libvirt] network domain name patch

JJ Reynolds jjr at reynoldsus.net
Sat Sep 13 02:45:49 UTC 2008

Actually, it is part of libvirt.  Whoever did it (sorry, I don't know who 
did it so cannot give them the credit they deserve) definately did the hard 
part and made it work.  I just added the ability to have your virtuals have 

I will work on updating the documentation if that has not already been done.

Sorry about missing the memory leak.



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> On Sat, Sep 06, 2008 at 03:14:45PM -0400, JJ Reynolds wrote:
>> This is a followup to the excellent patch which allows static IP
>> address assignment.  The problem with that patch is that you can
>> only set the host name and cannot set a FQDN because dnsmasq will,
>> as a security measure, not allow it unless --domain is specified.
> I didn't know that anyone was using that patch (and surely it doesn't
> apply cleanly to recent libvirt versions).  If this is being actively
> used then it should be part of libvirt ...
> Rich.
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