[libvirt] Overriding vnetN with the <target> element in xml configuration not working

Ahmed Medhat ultimatetux at gmail.com
Sat Sep 27 00:32:13 UTC 2008


I've been trying to dedicated a vnet interface to each virtual machine
in order to be able to monitor their traffic, looking at
http://libvirt.org/formatdomain.html#elementsNICSBridge it says that a
virtual machine could have a specific vnetN specified in the xml
element <target>, like <target dev='vnet7'/> .

Unfortunately its not working and still it comes with vnet(current+1),
here's my configuration for a qemu-kvm guest.

    <interface type='bridge'>
      <source bridge='virbr0'/>
      <target dev='vnet7'/>
      <mac address='00:16:3e:6c:1f:9d'/>

I'm running on F9 x86_64,


I haven't yet tested this with a RHEL box to know if it is version
specific issue to open a bugzilla report, any input is appreciated.

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