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[libvirt] domain type "kvm" error

Hi all,
I use "ubuntu hardy" but I dont think the problem is specific to the distribution I use.

I installed KVM and libvirt as described here:

Following that method, created a domain, which dumps like this:
  <domain type='qemu' id='1'>

Launching the guest is OK, but it is as slow as if I directly launched
  $ qemu [options]
I tried to launch:
  $ kvm [options]
and it is much faster
My conclusion is that method on the Ubuntu documentation launches a qemu without the use of kvm.

I modified that XML dump, changing "qemu" with "kvm":
  <domain type='kvm' id='1'>

I undefined the domain "xp1" and re-defined it with that new XML file.
When I start the new defined domain:
  virsh # start xp1
  libvir: QEMU error : QEMU quit during console startup
  qemu: unknowm parameter 'boot' in \
  error: Failed to start domain xp1

It's a Windows XP domain.

My conclusion is:
- When domain type is "qemu", qemu is called a certain way, without syntax error - When domain type is "kvm", qemu/kvm is not called the same way and among that, there are syntax errors.

How to confirm my conclusion?
What to check if it's the case?

I already filed a bug
but they seem not to have idea of the problem.

Huile Essentielle de Camphre http://www.huile-camphre.fr
Infogerance http://www.infogerance.us
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