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[libvirt] cpu flags


We're finding that we are going to be needing the cpu flags (as reported in /proc/cpuinfo)
...specifically to find out if we are a vmx enabled machine.

So - off I went looking into this for a patch to submit upstream.
Unfortunately, I ran into some questions which need answering before I really proceed with this

It seems to me that this info would best be parsed in src/nodeinfo.c
This is where other cpuinfo things are parsed...and stored in the nodeinfo struct Perhaps we store this as a bitmask encoded int, as defined in /usr/include/asm/cpufeature.h and tack this onto the end of sad struct.

My concern is that adding to the nodeinfo struct breaks the API - such that the structs will be different sizes between versions.

Also - this seems to be x86 specific. Are we primarily destined for x86? Or would this type of change be unacceptable due to not working on PPC, for example?



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