[libvirt] SYSCONF_DIR

Zvi Dubitzky DUBI at il.ibm.com
Thu Apr 2 17:44:55 UTC 2009

I can do  TLS certificate authentication on a remote libvirt access 
through  'virsh'   ( virsh -c  qemu+tls://hostnake/system) .
But  when I try same auth  from my C code linked with  libvirt 0.6.1 I get 
the message : " libvir:  Remote error:  cannot access CA  certificate 
'/usr/local/etc/pki/CA/cacert.pem   . No such file or directory"

My certificate is at /etc/pki/CA   as instructed in the web site (deafult) 
and so is my libvirtd.conf saying.   virsh works ok with it . 
In  my case the server and client are on same machine .

I guess  the need for  SYSCONF_DIR = /usr/local/etc  comes from the 
configure of the libvirt . In fact I see  in the configure file the 
statement :  sysconfigdir = '${prefix}/etc .

Any idea how to fix that . I am using the installed libvirt . did not 
rebuild it . 


Zvi Dubitzky 
Virtualization and System Architecture   Email:dubi at il.ibm.com
IBM Haifa Research Laboratory    Phone: +972-4-8296182
Haifa, 31905, ISRAEL 

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