[libvirt] [RFC] Power Hypervisor Libvirt support

Eduardo Otubo otubo at linux.vnet.ibm.com
Mon Apr 6 18:22:36 UTC 2009

Hello Daniel,

I've been talking to libssh guys and they did a lot of changes trying to
be more compliant. What do you think about reconsidering the use of
libssh instead of libssh2?

> Hmm, I hadn't come across  libssh  before. To be honest I'm not really
> all that impressed with the code quality of libssh. There is a serious
> lack of basic error checking in system calls & libc calls they make,
> in particular no malloc() call is ever checked for failure.

It's fixed in svn trunk now.

> It is
> hardcoded to use IPv4 for sockets.

This issue is solved since at least one year ago.

> It is not const-correct in its
> API usage, or its exposed public API.

This is being fixed and it's almost done.

> As such I don't think libssh is suitable for use in libvirt, and would
> rather this used libssh2. libssh2 also has the benefit that it has
> been ported to Win32 platform already.

Libssh is ported to win32 and works very fine.

> As for SSH v1 protocol support, this is a flawed protocol and should not
> be used in any apps or libraries anymore because it cannot be considered
> secure by modern standards. 

In their words "can't agree more with him. SSH1 support was made
initialy to support old cisco routers".

All of these issues will be available in the libssh-0.3, which will be
released in the end of this week, 10/april.

Do you think after all these changes libssh will be compliant to be used
in libvirt? What do you think?


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