[libvirt] [PATCH][take2][0/2] storage: allow alphabetical names in owner/group of permissions

Ryota Ozaki ozaki.ryota at gmail.com
Thu Apr 16 14:23:51 UTC 2009


This patch set allows alphabetical names in owner/group of permissions
in storage XMLs.

Change from the initial patch:
- store owner/group as strings
  - As a result, dumpxml of StoragePool could return XML as it is

Note that in the case of StorageVolume, dumpxml always returns
numeric owner/group, i.e., uid and gid, because current libvirt
does not store parameters of a volume into an external file but
collect info of the volume from the present filesystem using

This behavior may lose original parameters even in the case of
uid/gid specified. I'm not sure why only StorageVolume does not
create a XML file. Anyone knows?

I should say here I don't intend to replace using numeric uid/gid
with using alphabetical names. This patch intends just to bring
ease of use and identifying what is specified for users (may not
for end-users though). And I don't still have the answer for
the question 'numbers vs. names, which is better?'.


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