[libvirt] KVM live migration with libvirt

Gerrit Slomma roadrunner_gs at web.de
Fri Apr 17 16:43:40 UTC 2009

Zvi Dubitzky schrieb:
> (...)
>  why is  the strncmp using length 6 and not 4 . I think this is the reason 
> for the failure . If I put a NULL af ter the  "tcp:"  then
> I do not fail here (strncmp stop at the first NULL)  but I fail one step 
> later  pasrsing the port because the NULL  terminates the string 
> Do we need a fix here ?
> (...)
This is fixed in the current libvirt-0.6.2 release and a fix is 
available for libvirt-0.6.1 here:

Kind regards Gerrit Slomma

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