[libvirt] [PATCH 1/1] Support for RDP

Pritesh Kothari Pritesh.Kothari at Sun.COM
Thu Apr 23 11:32:24 UTC 2009

Hi Daniel,

>   <graphics type='desktop'/>
>   <graphics type='rdp' port='1234' autoport='no' listen=''/>

this seems ok, but the only question I have is, currently libvirt supports 
only one virDomainGraphicsDef, so is it ok for me add support for more then 
one virDomainGraphicsDef? or else i don't see how i can have multiple 
<graphics> tags.

> If RDP is not enabled, then don't include the 2nd. If the local desktop
> display is not enabled, then don't include the 1st. This avoids the
> the 'headless' attribute being exposed in the XML directly. I chose
> type='desktop' as representing the 'native' desktop app display of the
> virt technology in question. I imagine it'll take similar attributes
> to the type=sdl, while the type=rdp would be similar to type=vnc.

I had included headless attribute cause only one virDomainGraphicsDef was 
there. I think that would not be necessary now if we support for more then 
one virDomainGraphicsDef's, also adding multiple virDomainGraphicsDef's will 
help me to implement some features for multiple screens :)

> For the allowMultiConnection & reuseSingleConnection attributes, I think
> i'd prefer something a little less verbose as the XML attribute names.
> How about
>     multiUser='yes|no'     (for allowMultiConnection)
>     replaceUser='yes|no'   (for reuseSingleConnection)

great no problem,
i guess i was just bogged down by too much details.

> For the local desktop window, is there any way in the API to indicate
> what X display it should be shown on ? Obviously if launched within a
> desktop session it'll display on that session. If I ssh into a remote
> machine though, currently virtualbox libvirt driver will start the
> display on the $DISPLAY from the forwarded SSH session virsh is running
> in which isn't really what I wanted. I think we really need to be able
> to indicate a desired X $DISPLAY (or equiv) in the XML for the local
> desktop window graphics mode, eg, akin to the current SDL config we
> could have
>    <graphics type='desktop' display=':0.0'/>

yes, there is an API for it as well but currently I am using 
getenv("DISPLAY");implementing this was in my todo but didn't quite make it 
to top, but will try to make it in next set of patches.

feedback about attributes (auth='external' authtimeout='1234') would also be 
appreciated. Thanks.


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