[libvirt] Roadmap, beyond 0.6.3

Daniel Veillard veillard at redhat.com
Fri Apr 24 20:46:38 UTC 2009

  Okay now that one is out, let's see what's next:

First to try to keep up with monthly releases more or less, I would
suggest a new release around May 25, which would mean entering code
feature freeze around May 18, so that's nearly 4 weeks for development.
I would assume it's 0.6.4 unless something major lands worth indicating
a new level.

There is a number of things we should try to do by then:
  - the review and inclusion of OpenNebula driver
  - the review and inclusion of Power Hypervisor driver
  - the netcf based networking setup APIs, hopefully this could
    help on the frequent networking support questions
  - finising NPIV now that the interface for node storage create
    and destroy is part of the API, maybe other storage devices
    could be plugged too
  - improve the documentation, it's something we (i.e. Red Hat)
    are commited to do, but it need to be a full part of the project
    too, rewiewing and increasing documentation will be helpful.
  - work on the test suite and augment it, Dan Berrange posted about
    libvirt-TCK framework, help augmenting it is welcome
  - and there is number of small fixes and buglet we would need to
    find and fix but hopefully 0.6.3 is good enough we won't spend
    too much time chasing new problems !

  If we could get most of this in 4 weeks time that would be
impressive, but let's work on it :-)


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