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Re: [libvirt] libvirt Driver support Matrix.

Hi Abhishek,

If I look at the latest hvsupport.html, it still shows virDomainMigrate as
unsupported by QEMU/KVM.

I did some more search and if I look at the log (
) , I see an entry for "Fix URI check in QEMU migration" which means that
the support for QEMU is there.

However, Is there a definite way to confirm this support for QEMU/KVM ?

The definitive way to find it out is through the code and it is as below:

5155     NULL, /* domainMigratePrepare (v1) */
5156     qemudDomainMigratePerform, /* domainMigratePerform */
5157     NULL, /* domainMigrateFinish */
5158     qemudDomainBlockStats, /* domainBlockStats */
5159     qemudDomainInterfaceStats, /* domainInterfaceStats */
5160     qemudDomainBlockPeek, /* domainBlockPeek */
5161     qemudDomainMemoryPeek, /* domainMemoryPeek */
5169     qemudDomainEventRegister, /* domainEventRegister */
5170     qemudDomainEventDeregister, /* domainEventDeregister */
5171     qemudDomainMigratePrepare2, /* domainMigratePrepare2 */
5172     qemudDomainMigrateFinish2, /* domainMigrateFinish2 */

if you see, qemudDomainMigratePrepare2, qemudDomainMigrateFinish2
and qemudDomainMigratePerform are there but others are null. so if you
need these then if would be ok but if you need the other functions which
are currently still null then, either you have to hack it ;) or wait till
some one does :)


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