[libvirt] C# (Mono) bindings for libvirt - SharpLibVirt

Jaromír Červenka cervajz at cervajz.com
Tue Dec 8 20:48:45 UTC 2009


following the example of email Richard W.M. Jones
I decided to write libvirt interface for Mono. Everything is
implemented in one C# file, including in-line help (see
http://download.cervajz.com/sharplibvirt.png) which is taken from API
documentation. All functions wich are implemented were tested on KVM

Everything revolves around a few objects. It is possible call libvirt
functions directly thru static class SharpLibVirt.libvirt
(SharpLibVirt. virterror) or use my "helpers objects" -
SharpLibVirt.slvConnection, SharpLibVirt.slvDomain,
SharpLibVirt.slvStoragePool, SharpLibVirt.slvStorageVol, etc...

Current status of binding is:

Version: 0.7.4

virConnect: 95%
virDommain: 95%
virEvent: 0%
virInterface: 0%
virNetwork: 0% (I am currently working on it)
virNodeDevice: 0%
virNode: 98%
virSecret: 0%
virStoragePool: 100%
virStorageVol: 100%
virStream: 0%
Others: 100%
virterror: 100%

In the future I will keep SharpLibVirt up to date by C headers.


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