[libvirt] Functions issues

Jaromír Červenka cervajz at cervajz.com
Tue Dec 8 21:23:41 UTC 2009


while writing SharpLibVirt I ran into several problems with some functions:

 It is not possible get any result, because of error "invalid argument
in invalid path, 'user.0' is not a known interface". But inside LOG
for this domain is

"... -net user,vlan=0,name=user.0 ... "

It is not possible get stats for nic.0 also. Tested on KVM hypervisor.

virStoragePoolIsActive and virStoragePoolIsPersistent
Both cause crash of libvirt deamon. I dont know why.

Tested on 0.7.4 and Qemu 0.11.0

Thanks for answer,

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