[libvirt] Toward the next 0.7.5 release

Daniel Veillard veillard at redhat.com
Fri Dec 11 16:41:12 UTC 2009

The last release was 0.7.4 on Nov 20, so if we try to keep with the
one month release cycle, we would end up with a release on Friday 25,
but I really plan on celebrating Chrismas with my familly that day
instead of spending time in front of a computer (I plan to roast a
pig and that requires all my attention :-)

I would prefer to not wait too much, as there were some serious locking
bugs in 0.7.4, and I would rather not wait until the end of the
vacations either.

So I'm tempted to push on Wed 23, with possibly a smaller timeframe
for the bug fixes only window. We didn't (yet!) introduce major changes
inside (except maybe for the VirtualBox driver and early bug have been
reported) and Matthias has been debugging seriously with the TCK so
things should be in relatively good shape out of git.

So my plan right nw would be to enter freeze, next Friday the 18th
and push the release 0f 0.7.5 on the 23rd.

  So send those patches along and if we forgot to ACK patches please
raise our attention about them, thanks !


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