[libvirt] New libvirt API for domain memory statistics reporting (V3)

Adam Litke agl at us.ibm.com
Wed Dec 23 14:47:58 UTC 2009

Hi Thomas,

To use the memory statistics API with qemu, you will need support in 3
places: libvirt (you're good here), qemu, and linux.  The qemu and linux
parts have been accepted but are still staging.  If you want to build
your own qemu and linux-kernel, let me know and I can provide you some

On Wed, 2009-12-23 at 15:25 +0100, Thomas Treutner wrote:
> Hi Adam,
> thanks for your efforts, for me such an API would be very helpful. 
> I tried to use it by applying this patch
> http://git.kernel.org/?p=linux/kernel/git/rusty/linux-2.6-for-linus.git;a=patch;h=7e280facc1c0ab91e20dbc93d8e8dd88ca6ebaad
> against vanilla and using latest libvirt from git, but when I do
> $ virsh dommemstat mydomain
> I just get an empty line of output, no error message, nothing. Ballooning 
> works fine, but as I said, no statistics output. I'm also using virtio for 
> net and blk - did I miss something (additional entry in the dom-config?) or 
> is there something going wrong?
> I'm using qemu-kvm-0.11.0 currently, -0.12 is not working for me. Could that 
> be the cause?
> Thanks for any directions,
> kr,tom


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