[libvirt] Release of libvirt-0.7.5

Daniel Veillard veillard at redhat.com
Wed Dec 23 16:21:44 UTC 2009

  As scheduled, the release hist the server, it's available on the ftp

It really includes a lot of bug fixes, as well as some new API and
features. I would expect the next release to be around end of January 2010
something like a feature freeze around Jan 22 and a push on 29. That way
we will be back on the "end of month release" scheme :-)

- Add new API virDomainMemoryStats to header and drivers (Adam Litke)
- Public API and domain extension for CPU flags (Jiri Denemark)
- expose SR IOV physical/virtual function relationships (Dave Allan)
- Support for JSON mode monitor [deactivated] (Daniel P. Berrange)
- Support for interface model='netfront' (Jiri Denemark)
- vbox: Add support for version 3.1 (Pritesh Kothari)
- Support QEMU's virtual FAT block device driver (Daniel P. Berrange)

- Document the dommemstat command in the virsh man page (Adam Litke)
- esx: Add more links to external documentation (Matthias Bolte)
- esx: Extend documentation about 'vcenter' and add some about 'auto_answer' (Matthias Bolte)
- Fix and improve domain xml video element description (Matthias Bolte)
- Fix owner and group in example volume XML (Matthew Booth)
- add missing doc for device <shareable/> option (Daniel Veillard)
- add AppArmor test and examples to dist (Jamie Strandboge)
- Update location of C# bindings. (Richard Jones)
- Fix typo in QEMU driver webpage (Daniel P. Berrange)
- Clarify documentation for private symbols (Wolfgang Mauerer)
- Fix news.html validation (Dan Kenigsberg)

- Define ATTRIBUTE_SENTINEL for GCC < 4.0 too (Matthias Bolte)
- Fix compilation  with configure --disable-nls (Matthias Bolte)
- Fix configure check for SASL (Matthias Bolte)
- Fix GnuTLS pkg-config check (Matthias Bolte)
- Report an error if no XDR library can be found (Matthias Bolte)
- Fix compilation with gcrypt < 1.4.2 (Matthias Bolte)
- Don't mix LDFLAGS and LIBS in the configure script (Diego Elio Pettenò)
- Don't make it possible to define HAVE_HAL but not enable it in automake (Diego Elio Pettenò)
- Fix install location for Python bindings (Matthias Bolte)
- Use AM_PATH_PYTHON and python-config to detect Python configuration (Matthias Bolte)
- Fix a compilation failure if yajl not avail (Daniel Veillard)
- Fix compilation for configure --disable-nls (Matthias Bolte)

Bug fixes:
- cpu: Fix memory leaks in x86FeatureLoad and x86ModelLoad (Matthias Bolte)
- Make Xen VT-d PCI attach/detach work (Chris Lalancette)
- Fix detection of JSON when restarting libvirtd (Daniel P. Berrange)
- Fix reporting of TLS connection errors (Daniel P. Berrange)
- Fix typo in qemudDomainAttachHostPciDevice() (Daniel Veillard)
- esx: Destroy virtual machine on a vCenter if available (Matthias Bolte)
- esx: Undefine virtual machine on a vCenter if available (Matthias Bolte)
- Initialize gcrypt threading (Daniel P. Berrange)
- Fix bug in storage driver accessing wrong private data (Daniel P. Berrange)
- esx_vi.c: do not call through NULL function pointer (Jim Meyering)
- esx_util.c: avoid NULL deref for invalid inputs (Jim Meyering)
- esx: Don't goto failure for invalid arguments in VMX code (Matthias Bolte)
- Fix memory leak in qemudBuildCommandLine (Matthias Bolte)
- avoid malfunction when virFileResolveLink is applied to non-POSIX FS (Jim Meyering)
- libvirt.c: don't let a NULL "cpumaps" argument provoke a NULL-deref (Jim Meyering)
- qemu migration: avoid NULL-deref given an invalid input (Jim Meyering)
- qemu_driver.c: don't unlink(NULL) on OOM error path (Jim Meyering)
- remote_driver.c: also zero out ->saslDecodedOffset member (Jim Meyering)
- qemu_driver.c: avoid double free on error path (Jim Meyering)
- libvirtd: avoid a NULL dereference on error path (Jim Meyering)
- virsh: avoid double-free (Jim Meyering)
- node_device_driver.c: don't write beyond EOB for 4K-byte symlink (Jim Meyering)
- Eliminate failure to delete empty storage pools (Laine Stump)
- Fix use of virEventAddHandleImpl() (Jiri Denemark)
- Fix possible NULL pointer dereference (Paolo Bonzini)
- fix various breakages in qemu Dump command (Paolo Bonzini)
- Fix reference leak in remoteDispatchStorageVolCreateXmlFrom (Matthias Bolte)
- Fix memory leak in virStorageBackendCopyToFD (Matthias Bolte)
- retrieve paused/running state at migration start (Paolo Bonzini)
- fix migration of paused vms upon failure (Paolo Bonzini)
- qemu driver: Fix segfault in libvirt/libvirtd when uri->path is NULL. (Richard Jones)
- Fix a wellformedness problem in secret.rng (Diego Elio Pettenò)
- Fix virDomainObj ref handling in QEMU driver (Daniel P. Berrange)
- Pull code to start CPUs executing out of qemudInitCpuAffinity() (Daniel P. Berrange)
- Fix migration cancellation for QEMU (Daniel P. Berrange)
- Fix crash when deleting monitor while a command is in progress (Daniel P. Berrange)
- udev_device_get_devpath might return NULL (Guido Günther)
- Fix some locking issues (Matthias Bolte)
- Fix event test timer checks on kernels with HZ=100 (Daniel P. Berrange)
- Fix threading problems in python bindings (Daniel P. Berrange)
- Supress annoying libcap-ng errors from valgrind (Daniel P. Berrange)
- Fix two leaks in test driver (Daniel P. Berrange)
- Free cgroup device ACL list on driver shutdown (Daniel P. Berrange)
- xen: Fix unconditional freeing in xenDaemonListDefinedDomains() (Matthias Bolte)
- Fix default disk type when parsing QEMU argv (Daniel P. Berrange)
- remove port filter when network device is detached (Gerhard Stenzel)

- convert missing server entry points into unsupported errors (Daniel Veillard)
- fix some error report when on remote access (Olivier Fourdan)
- Disable JSON mode monitor until QEMU is more mature (Daniel P. Berrange)
- Only probe for CPU models if required (Jiri Denemark)
- Add cpu_map.xml to libvirt.spec (Jiri Denemark)
- Install cpu_map.xml (Jiri Denemark)
- esx: Don't warn about '/' paths (Matthias Bolte)
- esx: Extend vCenter query parameter (Matthias Bolte)
- esx: Improve domain lookup by UUID (Matthias Bolte)
- build: update gnulib submodule to latest (Jim Meyering)
- Relax the allowed values for machine type in schema (Daniel Veillard)
- Implement --pool option for virsh vol-path (Dave Allan)
- nodedev: Add removable storage 'media_label' prop (Cole Robinson)
- add --live support to "virsh dump" (Paolo Bonzini)
- add --crash support to "virsh dump" (Paolo Bonzini)
- Get QEMU pty paths from the monitor (Matthew Booth)
- Extract the assigned pty device for QEmu channels (Matthew Booth)
- Make QEMU driver use -chardev everywhere if available (Matthew Booth)
- add virsh --suspend arg to migrate command (Paolo Bonzini)
- reload iptables rules on libvirtd restart (Mark McLoughlin)
- reload iptables rules simply by re-adding them (Mark McLoughlin)
- Plumb domain description tag in xend backend (Jim Fehlig)
- Make QEMU text monitor parsing more robust (Daniel P. Berrange)
- Hook up JSON monitor to emit basic lifecycle events (Daniel P. Berrange)
- Add QEMU monitor callbacks for basic lifecycle events (Daniel P. Berrange)
- Switch over to passing a callback table to QEMU monitor (Daniel P. Berrange)
- Introduce callbacks for serializing domain object private data to XML (Daniel P. Berrange)
- Switch LXC driver to use a private data blob for virDomainObj state (Daniel P. Berrange)
- Switch UML driver to use a private data blob for virDomainObj state (Daniel P. Berrange)
- Add a 'format' arg to qemuMonitorChangeMedia() since JSON will support it (Daniel P. Berrange)
- Introduce a simple API for handling JSON data (Daniel P. Berrange)
- Add --system flag to autogen.sh to make it easy to build with right prefix (Daniel P. Berrange)
- Export all symbols from xml.h for internal use (Jiri Denemark)
- vbox: Use virIndexToDiskName() in vboxGenerateMediumName() (Matthias Bolte)
- Tests for interface type/model configuration (Jiri Denemark)
- Add virIndexToDiskName and fix mapping gap (Matthias Bolte)
- Add another SENTINEL attribute (Paolo Bonzini)
- Fix help message (Wolfgang Mauerer)
- Alternate CPU affinity impl to cope with NR_CPUS > 1024 (Daniel P. Berrange)

- The secret driver is stateful, link it directly to libvirtd (Matthias Bolte)
- Remove undefined symbols from libvirt_private.syms (Matthias Bolte)
- boolean shadows a typedef in rpcndr.h when compiled with MinGW (Matthias Bolte)
- Rename DATADIR to PKGDATADIR to fix win32 build (Jiri Denemark)
- Move cpu_map.xml to -client RPM (Jiri Denemark)
- Fix undefined reference to 'close_used_without_including_unistd_h' (Matthias Bolte)
- Fix argument type of virProcessInfoSetAffinity dummy function (Matthias Bolte)
- esx: Use occurrence enum to specify expected result of a SOAP call (Matthias Bolte)
- esx: Fix occurence typo (Matthias Bolte)
- esx: Removed unused inttypes.h include (Matthias Bolte)
- esx: Replace libxml1 'xmlChildrenNode' with libxml2 'children' (Matthias Bolte)
- esx: Use more suitable error code in esxVI_LookupVirtualMachineByUuid() (Matthias Bolte)
- esx: Add automatic question handling (Matthias Bolte)
- avoid calling exit with a constant; use EXIT_* instead (Jim Meyering)
- maint: remove from VC two gnulib-provided files (Jim Meyering)
- xm_internal.c: remove misleading dead code (Jim Meyering)
- Cleanup temporary #define after use (Matthew Booth)
- Suppress cgroup error message on sucess startup (Ryota Ozaki)
- Small change of RNG syntax for domain (Diego Elio Pettenò)
- remove iptablesReloadRules() and related code (Mark McLoughlin)
- remove all traces of lokkit support (Mark McLoughlin)
- Add virBufferFreeAndReset() and replace free() (Matthias Bolte)
- Fix the news file non-ascii characters (Daniel Veillard)
- Add missing commas to the 0.7.4 news section (Matthias Bolte)
- Change generated HTML to UTF-8 encoding (Daniel Veillard)
- Avoid an type-punned pointer aliasing pbm (Daniel Veillard)
- Move qemuMonitorEscape + migrate status enum into shared monitor code (Daniel P. Berrange)
- vbox: Update IIDs from version 3.1-beta2 to 3.1-final (Matthias Bolte)
- Fix ReprotError vs ReportError typo in JSON code (Daniel P. Berrange)
- Fix inverted conditional test in configure.ac check for yajl (Daniel P. Berrange)
- Pull schedular affinity code out into a separate module (Daniel P. Berrange)
- Ignore docs/ directory for strcmp() syntax check (Daniel P. Berrange)

  Again a lot of work in this release, thanks everybody for your
contributions, enjoy and I wish you a good end of year !


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