[libvirt] New libvirt API for domain memory statistics reporting (V3)

Thomas Treutner thomas at scripty.at
Tue Dec 29 09:58:01 UTC 2009

On Wednesday 23 December 2009 19:42:20 Adam Litke wrote:
> Attached to this email are two patches:
> memstats-kernel-2.6.32-rc5.patch:
> Applies to 2.6.32-rc5 which should be a capable-enough kernel for
> testing and development.
> memstats-qemu-0.12.1.patch:
> Applies to qemu-0.12.1 which can be found here:
>   http://mirrors.igsobe.com/nongnu/qemu/qemu-0.12.1.tar.gz
> Unfortunately, it is not trivial for me to port this work to 0.11.0 so
> you will have to find a resolution to your BIOS woes first and then use
> this version.  Who knows, it might already be fixed in 0.12.1.

I tried with qemu-*kvm*-, no memstats yet, but dynamically setting the 
amount of memory now doesn't work at all. I'll try to isolate the problem, I 
suspect it comes from qemu-kvm-

I can't use  qemu-0.12.1:

$ ./configure --enable-kvm --disable-xen                            
      NOTE: To enable KVM support, update your kernel to 2.6.29+ or install   
recent kvm-kmod from http://sourceforge.net/projects/kvm.
ERROR: User requested feature kvm
ERROR: configure was not able to find it

$ uname -r

$ modinfo kvm_amd                                                                       
vermagic: SMP mod_unload modversions


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