[libvirt] libvirtd and LVM snapshots

Nick Moffitt nick at zork.net
Mon Feb 9 22:03:19 UTC 2009

I'm working on an existing system that creates, manages, and destroys
Xen guests on a pool of host systems, and I use LVM copy-on-write
snapshots to keep creation rapid.  

http://libvirt.org/storage.html describes logical volume pools, for
which you simply supply the name of a volume group and it allocates
volumes from that.  By my reading, it appears one can even provide a
list of block devices and they will be carved into extents and pooled
into a VG for you.  

Is there any interface to libvirtd that allows it to create volumes that
are snapshots of existing volumes?  If not, does anyone have advice for
doing so manually in a way that plays smoothly with libvirt?

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