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[libvirt] [PATCH 0/5] Add device assignment related node device methods

        The following patches implement three new node device methods
that are needed for KVM PCI device assignment.

        The dettach method unbinds the device from its device driver
and binds it to the pci-stub driver, if available. This ensures the
device is not being used by the host.

        The reattach method undos this operation. It unbinds the
device from pci-stub and attempts to re-bind it to the original device
driver. This allows the device to be used by the host again.

        The reset method is intended to be used on a dettached device
before it is used by the guest or host. This operation may in future
affect other devices, so it is intended that all devices to be
assigned to a guest are first dettached before any device is reset.

         A writeup of some more background details are available here:



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