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[libvirt] PATCH: 0/3: Run QEMU guests within a CGroup

Recent Linux kernels have a new concept of 'CGroups' which is a way to
group tasks on the system and apply policy to them as a whole. We already
use this in the LXC container driver, to control total memory usage of
things runing within a container.

This patch series is a proof of concept to make use of CGroups in the
QEMU driver. The idea is that we have a 3 level cgroup hierarchy

 - Top level; contains the libvirtd daemon itself
 - 2nd level: one per libvirt driver, but dos not contain any
 - 3rd level: one per guest VM. Contains the QEMU process

The host admin can do control on the top level and 2nd  level to set an
overall system policy. libvirt will then provide APIs / capabilities to
control individual VMs policy.

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