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Re: [libvirt] libvirt tls vnc

On Thu, Feb 26, 2009 at 10:47:37PM +0100, Michael Kress wrote:
> My questions:
> 1) Isn't there a more comfortable end user compatible method to connect
> to the beast?
> (Because with this method, users obviously are urged to have Linux on
> the client side. Or would the purchase of real vnc enterprise edition
> would be the solution there?)

This is an ongoing area of development. The VeNCrypt extension 
provides two core capabilities

 - Data encryption of the session (only server & CA certs required)
 - Crude authentication (if using client clients too)

For Fedora 11, I have been working on integrating SASL as an
additional authenication mechanism. This provides a pluggable
system for auth methods, which includes such things as

 - Username/password auth against PAM, LDAP, SQL database
 - One time passwords
 - GSSAPI Kerberos single sign on


Most of the auth methods require that you already have a secure data
channel, so you'd have to layer them over the VeNCrypt extension. The
last GSSAPI though is particularly interesting, because GSSAPI also
provides data encryption, avoiding any need for VeNCRypt. So you
will have a wide variety of options for accessing VNC

 - VNC on localhost, access remotely over SSH, authenticate VNC
   with any SASL auth method
 - VNC on public IP addr, using TLS for encryption, and any SASL
   auth method
 - VNC on public IP addr, using GSSAPI  SASL auth method for
   auth and encryption

> 2) I simulated an interested user owning a certificate and walked
> through the different screens of the host (before, I created a few). I
> could easily access them by just chosing to connect to "localhost:0"
> "localhost:1" ... (given the requirement to have an ssh tunnel which the
> client machine easily can build)
> Is it possible to let him only view what he's supposed to? How?

In libvirt we do not yet any a way to setup per-VM access control
lists. This is the next item on the TODO list....

> 3) Is there a way to stick one certificate to one virtual machine?
> e.g. stick client-cert-user001.pem to /etc/libvirt-bin/qemu/user001-vm01.xml
> (trying to find a solution to question 2) with this question).

You wouldn't really want todo this. All VMs on a host should typically
use the same certificate. To get per-user access control, we need
libvirt to get some kind of per-VM allow/deny list.

You can see more about what i'm experimenting with here


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