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[libvirt] Release of libvirt-0.6.0

  I had planned to release it a couple of week ago but a lot of patches
and fixes were needed, but finally it's here. The changelog is huge,
there is a lot of improvements in this release, that also probably
implies there is a few new bugs hidden left and right too, at this point
the best is to push a release to increase testing especially for the
new features. Available as usual at:

  I guess that's the longuest changelog ever for a libvirt release,
and I cheated by aggregating a bunch of cleanups from Jim and Dan in
a single generic entry :-)

* New features:
 - thread safety of the API and event handling (Daniel Berrange)
 - allow QEmu domains to survive daemon restart (Guido Gunther)
 - extended logging capabilities
 - support copy-on-write storage volumes (Daniel Berrange)
 - support of storage cache control options for QEmu/KVM (Daniel
* Portability:
 - fix old DBus API problem
 - Debian portability fix (Daniel Berrange)
 - fix distcheck (Jim Meyering)
 - build in debug mode (Jim Meyering)
 - libnuma API portability (Jim Meyering)
 - many portability fixes pointed by Solaris (John Levon)
 - non-gcc portability fixes (John Levon)
 - various include fixes (Jim Meyering)
 - various Windows and Mingw portability fixes (Daniel Berrange)
 - solaris Xen fixes (John Levon)
 - RPC portability to Solaris (Daniel Berrange)
* Documentation:
 - typo fixes (Richard Jones)
 - logging support
 - vnc keymap attributes (Guido Gunther)
 - HACKING file updates (Jim Meyering)
 - new PCI passthrough format
 - libvirt-qpid and UML driver documentation (Daniel Berrange)
 - provide RNG schemas for all XML formats used in libvirt APIs (Daniel
* Bug fixes:
 - segfault on virtual network without bridge name (Cole Robinson)
 - various locking fixes (Cole Robinson)
 - fix serial and parallel devices on tcp/unix/telnet (Guido Gunther)
 - leak in daemon (Jim Meyering)
 - storage driver segfault (Miloslav TrmaC)
 - missing check in read-only connections (Daniel Berrange)
 - OpenVZ crash and mutex fixes (Anton Protopopov)
 - couple of daemon bug fixes (John Levon)
 - OpenVZ MAC addresses generation (Evgeniy Sokolov)
 - poll call initialization fix (Daniel Berrange)
 - various Xen driver fixes (John Levon)
 - segfault on device back compat (Cole Robinson)
 - couple Xen bug fixes coming from RHEL (Markus Armbruster)
 - buffer overflow in libvirt proxy (rasputin email ru)
 - vnc port report (John Levon)
 - repair save and restore on recent KVM versions (Daniel Berrange)
 - Xen cpu pinning XML fix (John Levon)
 - various xen driver fixes (Daniel Berrange)
 - some memory leak fixes (Daniel Berrange)
* Improvements:
 - driver infrastructure and locking (Daniel Berrange)
 - Test driver infrastructure (Daniel Berrange)
 - parallelism in the daemon and associated config (Daniel Berrange)
 - virsh help cleanups (Jim Meyering)
 - logrotate daemon logs (Guido Gunther)
 - more regression tests (Jim Meyering)
 - QEmu SDL graphics (Itamar Heim)
 - add --version flag to daemon (Dave Allan)
 - memory consumption cleanup (Dave Allan)
 - QEmu pid file and XML states for daemon restart (Guido Gunther)
 - gnulib updates (Jim Meyering and Dan Berrange)
 - PCI passthrough for KVM (Jason Krieg)
 - generic internal thread API (Daniel Berrange)
 - RHEL-5 specific Xen configure option and code (Markus Armbruster)
 - save domain state as string in status file (Guido Gunther)
 - add locking to all API entry points (Daniel Berrange)
 - new ref counting APIs (Daniel Berrange)
 - IP address for Xen bridges (John Levon)
 - driver format for disk file types (Daniel Berrange)
 - improve QEmu/KVM tun/tap performances (Mark McLoughlin)
 - enable floppies for Xen fully virt (John Levon)
 - support VNC password settings for QEmu/KVM (Daniel Berrange)
 - qemu driver version reporting (Daniel Berrange)
* Cleanups:
 - converting linked lists to arrays (Daniel Berrange)
 - daemon RPC handling refactoring (Daniel Berrange)
 - strings cleanups (Jim Meyering)
 - gethostby* cleanup and test (Jim Meyering)
 - some code fixes (Dave Allan)
 - various code cleanup (Jim Meyering)
 - virsh argument handling cleanup (Jim Meyering)
 - virAsprintf cleanup replacement (Guido Gunther)
 - QEmu monitor reads (Cole Robinson)
 - Makefile cleanups (Guido Gunther)
 - Xen code cleanups (John Levon)
 - revamp of ELF export scripts (John Levon)
 - domain event callback args (John Levon)
 - enforce use of pid_t (John Levon)
 - virsh pool-*-as XML code merge (Cole Robinson)
 - xgettext warnings (Jim Meyering)
 - add virKillProcess (Guido Gunther)
 - add virGetHostname (David Lutterkort)
 - add flags argument to the full XML parsing stack (Guido Gunther)
 - various daemon code cleanups (Guido Gunther)
 - handling of daemon missing config file (Jim Meyering)
 - rpcgen invocation cleanup (Richard Jones)
 - devhelp builkd makefile cleanups (John Levon)
 - update error handling for threading (Daniel Berrange)
 - remove all non-rentrant POSIX calls usage (Daniel Berrange)
 - many small cleanups (Jim Meyering and Daniel Berrange)
 - examples Makefile generator (John Levon)
 - mis-use of PF_UNIX as a protocol (John Levon)
 - cleanup OOM error paths (Jim Meyering)
 - temporary fix fro valgrind on lxc (Daniel Berrange)
 - QEmu driver init cleanups (Daniel Berrange)

   Thanks a lot to everybody who contributed to this release, with a
special welcome to the people who gained commit right access !


Daniel Veillard      | libxml Gnome XML XSLT toolkit  http://xmlsoft.org/
daniel veillard com  | Rpmfind RPM search engine http://rpmfind.net/
http://veillard.com/ | virtualization library  http://libvirt.org/

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