[libvirt] [PATCH] Add huge page support to libvirt..

john cooper john.cooper at redhat.com
Thu Jul 23 15:12:12 UTC 2009

Mark McLoughlin wrote:

> Other options include:
>   - <hugepages/>
>   - <memory hugepages="yes">XXXXX</memory>

Yes, I'd expect additional options will need to
be addressed.  Currently the only additional
qemu-resident knob is the -mem-prealloc flag
which is enabled by default.  I've removed
support for it here in the interest of simplicity
but it will fall into the existing scheme.
>>     hugepage_mount = "/hugetlbfs"
> I'd suggest /dev/hugepages as the default - /hugetlbfs has an seriously
> unstandard whiff about it

That was intended as an example for no other
reason than it is what I happen to use.  I
suspected it wouldn't be the mount point's
final resting place.



john.cooper at redhat.com

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