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[libvirt] Save and restore with KVM!


First of all, I want to ask: is there a libvirt user mailing list? I generally see people exchanging ideas on development of libvirt in this mailing list. So feel free to direct me to the right place if this is not the main mailing list for these kind of questions.

I am having problems with save and restore commands in virsh when I try to save and restore KVM virtual machines. After I initiate restore operation, instead of starting where I left during the save operation, it is restarting the VM.

Therefore, I need to ask what should I check for these operations to execute correctly? What kind of vm disk types: qcow or vmdk? Which versions of qemu, kvm and libvirt combinations? currently I have libvirt 0.6.5, qemu 0.9.1, kvm-82 on fedora core 8 with kernel version of


Erkan Unal

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