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Re: [libvirt] Switch from CVS to GIT is done

Daniel Veillard wrote:
>   Thanks to Jim Meyering we now have a new git repository, I deprecated the
> CVS repository, it's read only, you should still be able to keep it
> around to make patches for a few weeks if needed.
>   The new repo is at:
>     http://libvirt.org/git/?p=libvirt.git;a=summary

To create that new repository, I rewrote the git repository from
et.redhat.com to correct a few minor problems.
In case anyone is interested, here are the details.

Some commits had incomplete names.
Run this to see all 64 commits:

  $ git log --pretty=format:%h:%an|grep -v ' '

Here's a summary:

  $ git log --pretty=format:%an|grep -v ' '|sort|uniq -c
      1 aliguori
     13 clalance
      3 crobinso
      8 danms
      5 dlesko
     23 meyering
     11 sakaia

Note that rewriting changes nearly all SHA1 values, so
any reference to an SHA1 in a commit log should be updated
to point to the new SHA1.  There are a few:

$ git log|grep -E '\b[0-9a-f]{7,40}\b'|grep -v '^commit'
    This regressed via commit 4c3f3b4d.
    [043d702f] "use virAsprintf instead of asprintf" introducted
    The 'getVer' fix introducted in d88d459d [Allow remote://hostname/
    Bug introduced in 895d0fdf5bef358fafb91c672609190b3088097b.

Run the following long(!) command to rewrite the "master" branch,
preserving tags (but not signed ones), fixing bogus author names and
preserving SHA1 references like the above:

git filter-branch -d $TMPDIR/.git-rewrite \
 --tag-name-filter cat \
 --env-filter '

  agx) n="Guido G√ľnther" e="agx sigxcpu org" ;;
  aliguori) n="Anthony Liguori" e="aliguori us ibm com" ;;
  clalance) n="Chris Lalancette" e="clalance redhat com" ;;
  crobinso) n="Cole Robinson" e="crobinso redhat com" ;;
  danms) n="Dan Smith" e="danms us ibm com" ;;
  dlesko) n="David L. Leskovec" e="dlesko linux vnet ibm com" ;;
  meyering) n="Jim Meyering" e="meyering redhat com" ;;
  sakaia) n="Atsushi SAKAI" e="sakaia jp fujitsu com" ;;


' --msg-filter '

cat > t.msg
ref=$(perl -ne "/\b([0-9a-f]{7,40})\b/ and print \$1" t.msg)
test -n "$ref" && sha=$(git rev-parse $ref) &&
    len=$(printf $ref|wc -c)
    new_sha=$(map $sha)
    short_sha=$(printf %.${len}s $new_sha)
    perl -pi -e "s/$ref/$short_sha/" t.msg
cat t.msg

' master

I tested it on this tiny repository:
  git init -q; : > j; git add j; git ci -q --author='meyering <meyering>' -m. -a
  c=$(git log --pretty=%h)
  echo a > j; git ci -q -m "fix bug in $c" -a


The above preserves regular tags, but not the signed ones.
Reapply the signed vM.N.O tags:

for i in $(git tag -l 'LIBVIRT_*'); do
  v=$(echo $i|sed 's/LIBVIRT_/v/;s/_/./g')
  echo $v
  git tag -f -s -m$v $v $i


With the above changes, we've bloated the repository by ~50%,
increasing its size from 22M to 34M.

Remove the cruft:

  git for-each-ref --format="%(refname)" refs/original/ \
    | xargs -n 1 git update-ref -d
  git reflog expire --expire=now --all
  git gc --prune=now

And that brings it back down to 23M.
Run this function

  local d=$1
  du -sh "$d"; start=$(date); /usr/bin/time \
    git --git-dir=$d repack -afd --window=250 --depth=250
  echo started $start; date; du -sh "$d"

to compress a few remaining bits.
Final size: 21M.

Push to libvirt.org:

  git push libvirt.org:/git/libvirt.git master:master
  git push --tags libvirt.org:/git/libvirt.git


After I'd pushed all of the above, Dan Berrange noticed
that the new signed tags were out of order and had all
been created today.

Back-date the signed tags so that each has the same date as its
unsigned counterpart:

for i in $(git tag -l 'LIBVIRT_*'); do
  v=$(echo $i|sed 's/LIBVIRT_/v/;s/_/./g')
  date=$(git log --pretty=%ci -1 $i)
  echo $v
  GIT_COMMITTER_DATE="$date" git tag -f -s -m$v $v $i

# And push (now we need the -f option):
git push -f --tags libvirt.org:/git/libvirt.git

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