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[libvirt] more options for virt-manager

I noticed that the command line qemu and qemu-kvm offer a number of options 
such as using vmware display and addition sound card emulation as compared to 
that when using virt-manager.

Are there any plans to add these as options to virt-manager?

As a more general question, is there some document which describes the plans, 
roadmaps, etc. for Fedora Virtualization (or should I say Linux Virtualization 
since it does apply to other distributions as well)?

I pick up tid-bits in various messages and bug reports such as libvirt 
supporting vmware and "pool storage" providing some improvements but I do not 
have an overall picture as to what is planned.  While developers may do some 
things sooner rather than later because they are easy to do, we users may have 
some preferences as to what features/capabilities are more important to us 
than others.


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