[libvirt] libvirt repositories mirrored on gitorious

Daniel P. Berrange berrange at redhat.com
Fri Jul 10 10:58:11 UTC 2009

FYI, I have created a libvirt project on gitorious which has a mirror of
the master branch of the libvirt.git repository. This mirror is *readonly*
and updated automatically every 15 minutes. The purpose of this mirror is
to allow people to easily publish their personal libvirt working repos
to the world. The master upstream repository for libvirt does not change,
it will remain on http://libvirt.org/git

The main project under which libvirt repos will be hosted is at this URL:


You'll see the master libvirt.git repository there, and if you look at
the right hand side, you'll see myself & Mark have both got clones
for our staging repos, and topic branches within those clones for various
patchsets we're working on

If you want to publish your own patches simply signup for gitorious, go
to the libvirt repository


and select the 'Clone this repository on gitorious' link. A short while
later you'll have your own personal clone where you can publish work 
you are doing on libvirt. Use of this is by no means compulsory, and
doesn't change how you should submit patches to libvirt. They should
still all be emailed to this list for review. 

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