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Re: [libvirt] OpenVZ : cannot assign bridge to any interface

On Wed, Jul 22, 2009 at 02:55:59PM +0900, Yuji NISHIDA wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm bit confuing between 2 problems with libvirt-0.6.5 for OpenVZ.
> [1] bridge was created but no interface assigned to it
> [2] virsh dumpxml returns xml in which type is "qemu"

 sounds a serious bug

> [2] -------------------------------------------------
> I guess "type" in domain must be 'openvz' but virsh dumpxml returns it  
> as 'qemu'.
> ( The configuration of VE 101 remains in [1] )
> ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
> [root node13 test]# virsh dumpxml 101
> <domain type='qemu' id='101'>

 I was able to reproduce it, I'm still puzzled as where it comes from,
basically virsh run that way as root does not call the daemon, it just looks
up in the openvz driver, that driver is initialized and has a domain list,

(gdb) p driver->domains
$9 = {count = 1, objs = 0x734dc0}
(gdb) p driver->domains->objs[0]
$10 = (virDomainObjPtr) 0x734b10
(gdb) p *driver->domains->objs[0]->def
$12 = {virtType = 0, id = -1, uuid = "A�\030�̮\025\v\236n�\027\036&\001u", 
  name = 0x734850 "101", memory = 0, maxmem = 0, vcpus = 1, cpumasklen =

  The domain object definition present is half complete, the virtType is
zero, which translates to a qemu type. One more reason why I dislike the
enum current impleemntation which are based on a significant 0 first
value, this should have raised an error when converting to the string
  I have been unable to find out where the driver domain list is being
initialized, breakpoints in virDomainLoadAllConfigs or virDomainObjNew
fail to work, I have no idea yet where those half backed values come


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