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Re: [libvirt] [PATCH] Power Hypervisor support

On Wed, Jul 22, 2009 at 04:01:47PM -0300, Eduardo Otubo wrote:
> Hello everyone, 
> This should be the official patch for the libvrt-0.7.0 release. Here
> I'll comment all the features already implemented and the roadmap we
> have ahead:
> Features supported:
> * Connects to HMC/VIOS or IVM systems.
> * Life cycle commands (resume and shutdown).
> * dumpxml 
> * 'list' and 'list --all'
> What is being implemented:
> * better and centralized control for UUID
> * definexml
> * CPU management commands
> Any comment are always welcome.

I think it is worth merging this patch now. While there's still
more changes I'd like to see in the code, it'll be easier to
address them once merged - keeping it out of tree for longer
is counterproductive.

BTW, if you could provide a short introduction outlining any important
points for the Phyp driver that'd be great. Driver docs under under the
directory  docs/drvXXXXX.html.in  - the .html is generated from the 
.html.in file. Just create a new docs/drvphyp.html.in, and list it in
the sitemap.html.in file

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