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Re: [libvirt] XenStore fix

On 07/28/09 12:28, Daniel Veillard wrote:
Going to the Hypervisor first will just re-introduce the bug
shown in this mail you quote:

http://www.mail-archive.com/libvir-list redhat com/msg09855.html
ie, the Hypervisor will report a domain exists, while XenD will
claim it wouldn't, and thus virsh will print out lots of errors

   The real question is why xend should stop reporting about domains that
are still present at the hypervisor level. Except for state transitions
taht smells fishy to me !

One case where this happens is domain shutdown. xend shuts down the domain, cleans xenstore. xen can't zap all pages owned by the domain because some pages are still referenced. xen will report the domain until all references are gone, although the management knows nothing about it.

Usually it takes only a very short time until all references are dropped (basically the backends have to notice the frontend is gone and release all grant mappings). It may take longer or not happen at all though. Which indeed indicates a bug somewhere. Still it may happen. I suspect you can trigger it using "kill -STOP xenconsoled".


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