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[libvirt] [PATCH 00/14] Clean up spec files mess

        I get treated like a war criminal when I make a change in the
Fedora spec file and don't send it upstream, yet there are a whole
heap of changes which haven't been pushed upstream ... only one of
which is mine ... two changes less than DV himself :-)

        The following series of patches pulls in the changes from
Fedora which make sense. Some of them I'm not 100% sure of:

  - defaulting to policy kit - is there some reason we don't
    want that upstream?
  - The python cruft thing, not sure its needed
  - Converting NEWS to UTF-8 could probably be done upstream
  - Requiring libselinux is dubious, doesn't autorequires handle

        My final contention is that maintaining these spec files in
the upstream repo actually makes it harder to maintain the Fedora
spec file and helps nobody. Because of half-assed attempts to keep
the two in sync, I ended up having to fix a bunch of stuff and
re-instate another bunch of stuff in Fedora:

  - Enable netcf support
  - Pass --with-qemu-user=qemu etc. to configure
  - Move various requires to the libvirt-client sub-package
  - Sync some trivial cleanups from upstream spec file
  - Remove explicit libxml2 requires, again
  - Build with --without-capng if capng support is disabled
  - Remove explicit dir creating in makeinstall, replaced by attr in files
  - Set perms on /var/{run,lib,cache}/libvirt/qemu

        I really think we should kill these off and just point people
at the Fedora spec file if they're looking for a reference spec file.

        I need some very strong rationale before I ever go wasting my
time (2 hours) on this again.


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