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[libvirt] Feature request? Console tunnelling..

Hello libvirt-list..

Firstly I hope this is the appropriate forum for this question, I tried the IRC channel but didn't get any response...

Anyway, currently libvirt has console functionality built into it that can be used on a Dom0 e.g. 'virsh console xenU' to connect and open guest xenU's console. I think it would be excellent if there could be a feature added to the libvirt daemon to operate this console externally! E.g. from an external machine I can do (in python) something like: domain.openConsole() .readConsole() .writeConsole() flushConsole()... hopefully that could be very nice to implement a remote Ajaxterm with more security and no reliance to run unnecessary services on the Dom0 since libvirtd is already running :-)

I hope this makes sense, but if you perhaps thinks I going about this the wrong way please let me know!



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