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Re: [libvirt] Feature request? Console tunnelling..

On Wed, Jul 29, 2009 at 02:57:45PM -0700, r-c rocketmail com wrote:
> Hello libvirt-list..
> Firstly I hope this is the appropriate forum for this question, I
> tried the IRC channel but didn't get any response...
> Anyway, currently libvirt has console functionality built into it
> that can be used on a Dom0 e.g. 'virsh console xenU' to connect 
> and open guest xenU's console. I think it would be excellent if 
> there could be a feature added to the libvirt daemon to operate 
> this console externally! E.g. from an external machine I can do 
> (in python) something like: domain.openConsole() .readConsole() 
> .writeConsole() flushConsole()... hopefully that could be very 
> nice to implement a remote Ajaxterm with more security and no 
> reliance to run unnecessary services on the Dom0 since libvirtd
>  is already running :-)
> I hope this makes sense, but if you perhaps thinks I going about
> this the wrong way please let me know!

Not at all. Tunnelling consoles will actually be incredibly easy once
I finish off adding the generic data streams API support in libvirt
and the libvirtd daemon.

My work in progress data stream APIs are being updated at this


This is the same stuff we're using for the secure migration stream
support too

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