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Re: [libvirt] XenStore fix

On Thu, Jul 30, 2009 at 01:51:40PM +0200, Jonas Eriksson wrote:
> Hi again,
> How should we tackle this? The discussions seems to have stopped,
> but as this is a bug, it would be nice to have the fix in 0.7.0
> if possible. Any suggestions of what an eveutual reworked patch
> should contain, or is this in need of a discussion better saved
> to a time where a release is not right around the corner?

I think we need todo 2 patches

 - Make xenUnifiedNumOfDomains use the same ordering
   as xenUnifiedListDomains

 - Make xenStoreNumOfDomains/xenStoreListDomains filter
   out any domain IDs they find that aren't visible in
   the hypervisor.

The latter would entail xs_internal.c, calling into xen_internal.c
but I don't consider that a problem really

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