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Re: [libvirt] Fix -Werror build error regarding to '#ifdef IFF_VNET_HDR'

Anno domini 2009 Daniel Veillard scripsit:


> > Our build bot found a build error when building libVirt with -Werror
> > introduced in
> >   b4f62abbf1191c8fbab3306b4bf2f2567e18067f
> >   kvm/virtio: Set IFF_VNET_HDR when setting up tap fds

> > The attached patch kind of fixes the build error but I'm not sure, if
> > this is the final solution for this problem, though...

>   Err can you tell us what the error report from the compiler was ?
> I assume it was unused warnings for brSetInterfaceMtu() and the
> parameter vnet_hdr of brAddTap(), right ?

Sorry, I should have written this.

The problem is
  bridge.c:464: error: unused parameter 'vnet_hdr'
and if (void)ed
  bridge.c:406: error: 'brProbeVnetHdr' defined but not used

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