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[libvirt] IPv6 subnet on virbr0


in a common scenario where there aren't enough public IPv4 addresses for
all domains, I have elaborated this workaround:

 - the host operates a sixxs.net IPv6 tunnel with aiccu.

 - the virbr0 interface is manually configured an IPv6 address
   within a /64 subnet delegated by sixxs.net.  (I do this from
   /etc/rc.local for lack of a better place)

 - radvd runs on the host to autoconfigure IPv6 for the guests
   on virbr0 and advertise the host as a gateway

With this setup, all machines are globally addressable from the IPv6
internet, which is still quite useful for backstage services such as a
build farm.

In order to automate this setup, libvirt should support configuring  an
IPv6 address on bridged interfaces, and possibly multiple addresses for
dual stack setups.  Automatically running radvd would make a nice goodie.

   // Bernie Innocenti - http://codewiz.org/
 \X/  Sugar Labs       - http://sugarlabs.org/

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