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Re: [libvirt] IPv6 subnet on virbr0

On Thu, Jun 04, 2009 at 07:26:05PM +0200, Bernie Innocenti wrote:
> Hello,
> in a common scenario where there aren't enough public IPv4 addresses for
> all domains, I have elaborated this workaround:
>  - the host operates a sixxs.net IPv6 tunnel with aiccu.
>  - the virbr0 interface is manually configured an IPv6 address
>    within a /64 subnet delegated by sixxs.net.  (I do this from
>    /etc/rc.local for lack of a better place)
>  - radvd runs on the host to autoconfigure IPv6 for the guests
>    on virbr0 and advertise the host as a gateway
> With this setup, all machines are globally addressable from the IPv6
> internet, which is still quite useful for backstage services such as a
> build farm.
> In order to automate this setup, libvirt should support configuring  an
> IPv6 address on bridged interfaces, and possibly multiple addresses for
> dual stack setups.  Automatically running radvd would make a nice goodie.

I'm not sure that we should automatically run radvd, because this has
potential implications for the host as a whole. It is hard to restrict
scope to just the virbr0 interface, as we do with IPv4 using NAT.

We should definitely allow multiple <ip> elements, and allow both IPv4
and IPv6 and configure interfaces accordingly. Annoyingly we used the
attribute 'netmask'. We really should have used 'prefix', since netmask
as a concept is deprecated in IPv6 world. I'd suggest we allow continued
use of netmask for IPv4 addresses, but recommend use of 'prefix' in the
future. If they give a netmask, then automatically generate a prefix
attribute, and vica-verca.

      <ip address="" netmask="">
	    <range start="" end="" />
      <ip address="2001:200:0:8002:203:47ff:fea5:3083" prefix="64'/>
In theory we should also allow <dhcp> for IPv6, but I'm not sure that the
dnsmasq daemon supports offering of DHCPv6 addresses.

Todo this properly we'll need to

 - Extend the parser to allow multiple addresses
 - Change the string -> address code to use getaddrinfo, not inet_aton
 - Change interface bring up code to add multiple addresses IPv4 & 6
 - Add support for ip6tables
 - Add rules for ip6tables as appropriate for the <forward/> rule

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