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[libvirt] Checkpoint VMs


Some months ago there were some mails about ideas of adding new API
functions for checkpointing of domains.

For the project group Virtualized SuperComputer (the crazy guys with
the ESX driver) we would like to have such a feature and would be
willing to propose API patches and anything the like.

As we have to deal with many VMs at the same time which belong to one
computation job (think: virtualized HPC cluster) we are facing the
problem to checkpoint a set of VMs at the same time.

So besides a usual checkpoint we would be interested in something like

  checkpointAt (host, vm, timestamp)
  restoreFromCheckpointAt (host, vm, timestamp)

an let the hypervisor / libvirtd / whatever piece of software on the
host face the problem to execute the checkpoint/restore command at

The main idea behind this is to checkpoint or restore the set of VMs
as simultaniously as possible.

As far as I got it ESX for examples is able to execute tasks at a
given point of time once or recurring as far as you have a Virtual
Center with all your hosts belong^Wconnected to it.

Any opinions on such new functions?
I guess more people could be interested in this functionality.

Comments welcome.

	Follow the white penguin.

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