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Re: [libvirt] Undefined symbol: virNodeDeviceWaitForDevices

Matthias Bolte wrote:

GIT commit f7b12afc7b67b6727151f74683e7cb9d6fc2b36f adds a new
function: virNodeDeviceWaitForDevices

In storage_backend.c virStorageBackendWaitForDevices was changed to
call virNodeDeviceWaitForDevices, but the code for
virNodeDeviceWaitForDevices is only compiled and linked into libvirtd
if the nodedev driver is build, but the nodedev driver is only build
if the hal or devkit development packages are installed. If neither
hal nor devkit is installed, compiling libvirt yields an undefined
symbol error for virNodeDeviceWaitForDevices


Hi Matthias,

Somebody reported that a week or so ago and I submitted a patch that fixes it. I believe it's been applied to the source repository, but I'm not 100% certain.


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