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Re: [libvirt] Undefined symbol: virNodeDeviceWaitForDevices

2009/6/16 Dave Allan <dallan redhat com>:
> Matthias Bolte wrote:
>> Hi,
>> GIT commit f7b12afc7b67b6727151f74683e7cb9d6fc2b36f adds a new
>> function: virNodeDeviceWaitForDevices
>> In storage_backend.c virStorageBackendWaitForDevices was changed to
>> call virNodeDeviceWaitForDevices, but the code for
>> virNodeDeviceWaitForDevices is only compiled and linked into libvirtd
>> if the nodedev driver is build, but the nodedev driver is only build
>> if the hal or devkit development packages are installed. If neither
>> hal nor devkit is installed, compiling libvirt yields an undefined
>> symbol error for virNodeDeviceWaitForDevices
>> Regards,
>>  Matthias
> Hi Matthias,
> Somebody reported that a week or so ago and I submitted a patch that fixes
> it.  I believe it's been applied to the source repository, but I'm not 100%
> certain.
> Dave

Ah, I should have searched the mailing list first.

I found the thread you referred to: "[libvirt] Problem compiling
latest code from libvirt CVS" started by Anna Fischer. It also
contains your proposed patch to solve the issue. I complied from
current GIT HEAD, so your patch have not been applied yet.


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