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Re: [libvirt] netbsd5.0

On Sun, Jun 21, 2009 at 10:56:48AM +0200, Fabien Georget wrote:
> Hi
> I want to run netbsd 5.0 with kvm in virt-manager. It works with default 
> option but any network devices is recognized by the netbsd kernel.
> To enable network with qemu-kvm, we had to disable the acpi and add other 
> options like -tdf, -localtime ... This is an an example who works : 
> http://ghantoos.org/2009/05/12/my-first-shot-of-netbsd/ (An explanation I found 
> is that the new scheduler in netbsd 5.0 cause some problems with 
> virtualization based on VT)

Hmm, I would not expect BSD to need 'localtime' - AFAIK, all UNIX OS will
prefer to have their RTC using UTC, with only Windows taking the crazy
option of storing localtime in the RTC. That said, you can set this in 
libvirt if required


You can turn off ACPI easily enough, by leaving out the '<acpi/>' flag in
the <features> section.  

The -tdf flag isn't something we have support for. It is not in upstream QEMU, 
only added in the KVM tree AFAIK, and is rather a hack. KVM should be fixed 
to 'just work' by default either by fixing the bug that prevents BSD working, 
or by making -tdf the global default. 

> Currently, I have not found the way to do it with libvirt (and I don't think 
> it is possible with virt-manager).

virt-manager doesn't tend to expose this fine level of control over 
individual features. Instead we have an OS type dictionary giving the
defaults for these kind of things, particularly the acpi/localtime
settings. I can't remember off hand if there is  a Net BSD 5.0 OS
type or not - if not file a bug against virt-manager asking for one
to be added.

Da niel
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