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Re: [libvirt] netbsd5.0

Le lundi 22 juin 2009 11:04:17, Daniel P. Berrange a écrit :
> > To enable network with qemu-kvm, we had to disable the acpi and add other
> > options like -tdf, -localtime ... 
> Hmm, I would not expect BSD to need 'localtime' -...

yes, sorry, locatime is not what I meant. The other mandatory option is "-no-

> You can turn off ACPI easily enough, by leaving out the '<acpi/>' flag in
> the <features> section.
> The -tdf flag isn't something we have support for. It is not in upstream
> QEMU, only added in the KVM tree AFAIK, and is rather a hack. KVM should be
> fixed to 'just work' by default either by fixing the bug that prevents BSD
> working, or by making -tdf the global default.

ACPI modification is done. But, the mandatory options "-tdf" and "-no-kvm-pit" 
cannot be add. And if you disable ACPI without these options the virtual 
machine freeze.
I ask for a <netbsd/> flag in the <features> section for giving the good 
arguments to qemu-kvm. 
Libvirt is the frontend, so it have to adapt, isn't it ?

> > Currently, I have not found the way to do it with libvirt (and I don't
> > think it is possible with virt-manager).
> virt-manager doesn't tend to expose this fine level of control over
> individual features. Instead we have an OS type dictionary giving the
> defaults for these kind of things, particularly the acpi/localtime
> settings. I can't remember off hand if there is  a Net BSD 5.0 OS
> type or not - if not file a bug against virt-manager asking for one
> to be added.

No, there isn't a "NetBSD 5.0" type, but, currently, it is useless because 
libvirt can't run NetBSD with kvm  :(.

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