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Re: [libvirt] hooking a physical nic to a bridge with net-create

On 06/24/2009 05:16 AM, Shahar Klein wrote:

Those iface-XXX commands
can I use them(partly) now?
where can I see their spec/xml template?

Some parts of the code are committed to CVS, some parts have been submitted to the list and ACKed, but not committed yet, still other bits have been submitted for comments, but aren't yet ready to be committed. So I guess the answer is "no" for now, but "yes" *very* soon ;-).

If you want to look at the patches yourself, search for "virInterface" in the list archives.

The XML is also not yet stable (there's been a lot of discussion about that during the last week). Currently, the XML for libvirt virInterface* is identical to the XML used by libnetcf:


libvirt will be using netcf as the backend to implement all the virInterface functions.

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