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Re: [libvirt] vTPM support in libvirt

I agree on ignoring "backend" for now. The "instance" parameter defines a vTPM ID associated to that domain. There's a file "vtpm.db" which lists all mappings between domain UUID and vTPM ID, which means as long as you set a UUID for each of your domains, the correct vTPM is selected automatically (this is important for loading the last vTPM state).

Can you please give me a short introduction on how to add this feature to libvirt? I know how to check out the code and how to change the domain RelaxNG schema, but where do I need to change the source code? Oh, and how do I need to configure it in order to install it on a machine (I guess "./configure --prefix=???" is important?!).

Best regards

Daniel P. Berrange wrote:
On Thu, Jun 25, 2009 at 09:16:26AM +0100, Andreas Sommer wrote:
I'm wondering if there will be vTPM support in libvirt in the near future?! Xen does support it already with the configuration "vtpm = ['instance=1,backend=0']", for example.

So it would be great if the libvirt XML format supported it, too... For example like this:

   <vtpm instance="1" backend="xxx" />

Both attributes are optional. The backend attribute is a VM ID (on Xen, only zero for dom0 is supported) and could be implemented as a UUID?!

I'd just ignore 'backend' for now - none of the other existing devices
suport anything other than dom0 as the backend, so its no loss to assume
dom0 for TPM too.

What is 'instance' ?

For element I'd prefer to just call it '<tpm>' - the 'v' is redundant
since every device is virtual here :-)

What do you think? Are there any efforts to introducing that?

No one has ever asked for it before, which is why we've not supported
this to date. I don't have any objection to supporting it, so patches
would be welcomed.


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