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[libvirt] problem: deleting a guest

I defined a new guest using the virt-manager GUI ... everything fine so far.  I 
then decided that my definition was not correct (or I could be done with that 
guest) and could not find a way to delete the guest.

OK, quit virt-manager, delete the configuration and disk-image files for the 
guest, restart libvirtd, and then start virt-manager again.  The guest 
definition (according to virt-manager) was still there.  I finnaly got rid of 
the definition by re-booting the system.  THIS IS NOT SATISFACTORY!

IMHO, I should be able to:

1. Define a new guest.

2. Delete the definition of a new guest but not the related configuration and 
disk-image files.

3. Delete the guest definition and the related configuration and disk image files 
but NOT and CD/DVD image files external to /var/lib/libvirt/images.

4. Import new guests which were created as clones, copied from another host, 
or convert created from something like VMware.

Not it is certainly possible (or even likely) that I h\just do not understand 
how to do things yet.  Or, this could be a bug.  Or, this could be a lack of 

Help appreciated in pointing me in the right direction.  I will bugzilla where 


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