[libvirt] Release of libvirt-0.6.1

Daniel Veillard veillard at redhat.com
Wed Mar 4 18:15:57 UTC 2009

  I originaly though that this release would just include a set of bug
fixes from 0.6.0, but a couple feature are includd as well as a number
of local improvement.
  Available as usual from 

+ New features:
 - new APIs for Node device detach reattach and reset (Mark McLoughlin)
 - sVirt mandatory access control support (James Morris and Dan Walsh)
+ Portability:
 - non gcc toolchain (John Levon)
 - gcc-4.4 warnings fixes (Mark McLoughlin)
 - fix build without LXC and QEmu (Jim Meyering)
+ Documentation:
 - man page bugzilla URL (Mark McLoughlin)
 - typo in domain format (Jesse Farinacci)
 - clock offset fix (Mark McLoughlin)
 - hostdev description typo (Mark McLoughlin)
 - static host IP (Charles Duffy)
 - new example program (David Allan)
+ Bug fixes:
 - NULL dereference in LXC (Jim Meyering)
 - fix domain error reporting (John Levon)
 - fix loop of libvirtd --timeout (Daniel Berrange)
 - limit history to 500 to restrict virsh memory (Daniel Berrange)
 - wrong lvm volume format check (Cole Robinson)
 - I/O error in daemon and associated remote acces crash (Daniel
 - fix autostart of session daemon (Daniel Berrange)
 - restart guest on qemu migration failures (Chris Lalancette)
 - config parsing leaks (Ryota Ozaki)
 - DBus multithreading activation to avoid crashes (Daniel Berrange)
 - mark defined network descriptions as persistent (Cole Robinson)
 - qemu+tls handshake negotiation hang (Chris Lalancette)
+ Improvements:
 - don't hardcode ssh port (Guido Gunther)
 - new test cases and testing infrastructure (Jim Meyering)
 - improve the SExpr parser (John Levon)
 - proper error reporting on xend shutdown command (John Levon)
 - proper handling of errors when saving QEmu domains state (Guido
 - revamp of the internal error memory APIs (John Levon)
 - better virsh error reporting (John Levon)
 - more daemon options to allow running multiple daemons (Jim Meyering)
 - error handling when creating a QEmu domain (Guido Gunther)
 - fix timeouts in QEmu log reading (Guido Gunther)
 - migration with xend 3.3 fixes (John Levon)
 - virsh XML dump flags cleanup (Cole Robinson)
 - fix build with loadable drivers (Maximilian Wilhelm)
 - internal XML APIs to read long long and hexa values (Mark McLoughlin)
 - function to parse node device XML descriptions and associated test
  (Mark McLoughlin)
 - generate network bridge names if not provided (Cole Robinson)
 - recognize ejectable media in hostdev hal driver (Cole Robinson)
 - integration of sVirt (Daniel Berrange)
+ Cleanups:
 - printf NULL string checks (John Levon)
 - remove uses of strerror and use virStrerror (Jim Meyering)
 - remove redundant NULL assignments (Jim Meyering)
 - QEmu driver logging and exec cleanups (Jim Meyering)
 - many error handling cleanups (Jim Meyering)
 - XML module cleanups (Mark McLoughlin)
 - compiler warning (Maximilian Wilhelm)
 - daemon TCP listen cleanup (Cole Robinson)
 - size_t type cleanup (Guido Gunther)
 - parallel make fix (Michael Marineau)
 - storage error diagnostic fix (Ryota Ozaki)
 - remove redundant monitor watch variable (Cole Robinson)
 - qemu AttachDevice error report improvement (Cole Robinson)
 - virsh output cleanup (Jim Meyering)
 - various tests cleanups and improvements (Jim Meyering)
 - fix the internal export list with new APIs (Daniel Berrange)
 - cleanups on new APIs for Node device (Daniel Berrange)

   So quite a bit of changes happened in one month of development,
so it's getting clear we aren't really slowing down and keeping a
relatively fast release cycle is needed. So expect 0.6.2 in a month
or so.

  Thanks to everybody who contributed to the release !


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