[libvirt] [PATCH] Adding filesystem mount support for openVZ

Florian Vichot florian.vichot at diateam.net
Wed Mar 11 16:42:20 UTC 2009

Hi everyone,

This patch is to allow using the "mount" type in the "filesystem" tag 
for OpenVZ domains.

     <filesystem type='mount'>
       <source dir='/path/to/filesystem/directory/' />
       <target dir='/path/to/pivot/root/' />

This is my first patch to an external project, so don't spare me if I 
got things wrong :)

Also, I'm curious for suggestions as to how I could allow for the target 
not to be specified in the XML. Because in this case OpenVZ just makes a 
temporary pivot root in "/var/lib/vz/root/" and that is probably 
sufficient for most people, who might not want to have to explicitly 
create a pivot root somewhere, just for mounting the filesystem while 
it's running.

I was thinking either allow for the target tag not to be specified, or 
add an "auto" attribute to target. Which one sounds better ?

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