[libvirt] Re: [PATCH][take2] storage: fix disregarding specified owner/group permissions

Daniel Veillard veillard at redhat.com
Thu Mar 12 20:15:48 UTC 2009

On Fri, Mar 13, 2009 at 12:43:12AM +0900, Ryota Ozaki wrote:
> Hi,
> The changes since the last patch are,
> - pass a default value of 'mode' permission to virStorageDefParsePerms
> - fix regression
>   - I missed setting permission values in the case of that there is not
>     <permissions> element

  Cool, thanks, this looks fine ! I just changed 2 small things
   - an extra const which was spotted by "make syntaxcheck"
   - I canged the mode_t to int, since we currently use mode_t only
     in code compiled on Linux I was afraid of introducting a
     protability problem, and also the structure struct _virStoragePerms
     defines mode as int. If we were to fix int -> mode_t this should
     probably done more uniformly and as a separate patch.

  Applied and commited !

    thanks a lot !


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