[libvirt] [RFC] Power Hypervisor Libvirt support

Eduardo Otubo otubo at linux.vnet.ibm.com
Fri Mar 20 17:31:26 UTC 2009

Sorry all about my last email, the subject should be "[RFC] Power
Libvirt support". There should be an error here.

Thanks again,

Em Sex, 2009-03-20 às 13:58 -0300, Eduardo Otubo escreveu:
> Hello all,
> I've been working on a libvirt extension to manage IBM's Power VMs
> (LPARs). The Power systems are managed through management console
> referred to as the HMC or using a management partition (IVM). Both HMC
> and IVM runs an SSH, then you can reach it via command line, and an HTTP
> server, then you can reach it via web browser.
> The protocol between the console and the partition (LPAR) is not
> disclosed, therefore I propose the driver to execute commands remoetly
> over an SSH connection to the consoles to manage IBM LPARs.
> The patch attached is the first scratch of the driver that will interact
> with HMC over a SSH connection. The URI model that is
> used in virsh command line is:
> virsh --conect phyp://$user@$server
> Some known issues are:
>  * Next step is to make the URI like this: phyp://$user@
> $HMC/@managed_system. Almost finished. What it takes now is
> $server = $HMC = $managed_system.
>  * Next features in my TODO list are "resume", "stop" and "reboot" the
> Any comments are welcome.
> Thanks,
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