[libvirt] [RFC] Power Hypervisor Libvirt support

Eduardo Otubo otubo at linux.vnet.ibm.com
Tue Mar 31 18:45:17 UTC 2009

Hello Daniel,

Look, I don't want to make big deal about this, I'll just answer these
points below with some arguments they gave me. If we find out libssh2 is
better, I' can change it, no problem at all.

> > In fact I use libssh <http://0xbadc0de.be/wiki/libssh:libssh> and not
> > libssh2. I choosed libssh instead of libssh2 for some reasons: libssh2
> > doesn't handle server side ssh or sshv1. And I am more used to work with
> > its API then libssh2.
> Hmm, I hadn't come across  libssh  before. To be honest I'm not really
> all that impressed with the code quality of libssh. There is a serious
> lack of basic error checking in system calls & libc calls they make,
> in particular no malloc() call is ever checked for failure. It is

Yes, malloc() error checking is a known issue and they're already
working on it.

> hardcoded to use IPv4 for sockets.

They told me they did some tests with IPv6 and worked perfectly.

> It is not const-correct in its
> API usage, or its exposed public API.

Yes, that's a point. But I think it's purely coding style.

> As such I don't think libssh is suitable for use in libvirt, and would
> rather this used libssh2. libssh2 also has the benefit that it has
> been ported to Win32 platform already.
> As for SSH v1 protocol support, this is a flawed protocol and should not
> be used in any apps or libraries anymore because it cannot be considered
> secure by modern standards. 

I see no problem on changing my code to libssh2, I may change it and
send another patch/rfc.


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